Dead Clip?? Not really functional, will charge via PC, "subscription expired"

I bought my Clip a little over a year ago and it’s been working splendidly for me.  I mainly use it in conjunction with Rhapsody to Go.  The other day though it just stopped playing out of the blue.  I tried turning it back on and it gave me a message saying that my subscription needed to be renewed.  However I was having a hard time just turning the thing on and keeping it on.  I tried charging it a bit and unplugging it, but instead of refreshing the database it just powered off.  I tried relicensing, even deauthorizing and reauthorizing the device via Rhapsody, but nothing changed.  Is my Sansa dead?  Is the battery dead?  I’m having withdrawals… THanks - David

It may be time to format the device and reload your Rhapsody tracks.  Once you format, the Rhapsody license data will have to be reinstalled via the Rhapsody client.

Format from Windows first, then unplug.  I’ll assume you’re in MTP mode for Rhapsody.  After unplugging, use the Format command on the Clip (Settings > Format > Yes) to be sure that the memory is optimized.