dc adapter

I tried to use one of those adapters u plug in to lighter. It directed to have correct polarity, unfamiliar with this I plugged it in. It was already on when I plugged, not even 5 seconds past, nothing. What happened and it will not start up, and yes I unplugged it from the adapter.  Greatly Appreciate the help.

Did you try to reset?  (On switch held up for 10-15 seconds; see the on-line manual.)  I hope the Clip didn’t get blown by the power …

Are you saying that the polarity of the cigarette charger was backwards and the Clip was charged with -5V instead of +5V?  From your description it’s hard to tell what happened.  I would have guessed the charger IC in the adapter would fry before the Clip.

Did you try plugging it into your PC with your Sandisk supplied cable? Did anything happen when you did?

I’m guessing the cigarette adapter went before the Clip (I design power management ICs so this kind of problem sounds familar). You’re right in trying the hard reset first, then I’d try to charge the Clip via a PC USB port for several hours.  Perhaps the battery in the Clip got fully discharged (not a good thing to do with a Li-chemistry based battery).  Letting it charge for 8-12 hrs. may bring it back to life if it was shorted out.

The only other thing I can guess if the Clip won’t turn on is the cigarette adapter IC blew, went dead short and hit the Clip’s USB port with -12V or something close to that.  If that did indeed happen, then the Clip is gone.  The USB port is designed for 5V, and the IC processes that work at 5V are usually have an absolute maximum voltage of 7-9V before the IC blows.  At most those ICs can take -3 to -5V at most before blowing.

I stay away from cheap chargers.  I’ve seen way too many products trashed by these things.  Their voltage regulation is suspect at best, absolutely dangerous to the device being charged at worst.

So, you have lighter charger - one end has this bulky adapter to fit in the lighter hole and on the other end is usb plug. If you have this kind of charger I can’t see a way to switch polarity.

 yeah did right after, nothing any other ideas, thanks for the suggestion

if the clip is gone can i return it to manufacturer