Date / Date Created / Date modified

Does anyone else see this behavior?  When I copy a photo from my iOS devices (3 different devices) to the iXpand drive and import it to my PC, the Date Created and Date Modified fields are advanced by 8 hours.

Here’s an example:

Photo taken on iPhone @ 8:45PM PST

iPhone time zone: PST (UTC -8hrs)

PC time zone: PST (UTC -8hrs)

  • View the photo “on iPhone” using the iXpand App, time stamp = 8:45pm

  • Copy the photo to iXpand dirve using app

  • View the photo “on IXpand drive” using the iXpand App on phone, time stamp = 8:45pm

  • insert USB to PC

  • View the photo using Windows explorer on PC, Date = 8:45pm, Date modified = 4:45am (UTC when the photo was taken), Date created = 4:45am (UTC when the photo was taken).

  • import the file directly from iPhone to PC using windows, all dates correct at 8:45pm

If I change my iphone’s timezone, that reflect correctly in the Date field, but the Date Modified and Date Created still resolve to UTC.

According to SanDisk, the drive is purely a storage device, so why does the metadata show UTC for when the when the photo was taken when all my devices are in PST?  When I import directly frim iPhone to PC, the dates are correctly reflecting PST, so there has to be something about how the app is writing to the drive?  

Is there another way to copy the photos to the iXpand from iPhone to rule out / rule in the app as the culprit?

I actually see the same issue. It seems like an app bug. I contacted sandisk support and ask them to file a bug with their app development team. Hopefully they can release a fix in a future update. 

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Oh, thank you drlucky!  I thought I was going crazy.

What time zone are you in?  Does it default to UTC for you as well?

Do you know of any other way to transfer files from the iPhone to the iXpand to confirm it is the app?:

in pacific time zone. Yes resetting it to UTC as well. 

no other way to transfer photos. Hopefully they will be able to fix it in the next app release. 

Still not fixed in 5.0.9. Anyone else see this behavior?