database build time?

I have had no problem with 8GB and 4GB cards working with 01.01.12A2.  But, the database building time gets outrageous when the 8GB is close to full.  It seems the number of playlists and songs being in multiple playlists make the database build time *much* worse.  The ugliest I had was 12 minutes… everytime I turned it on even the refresh time was long.  When I deleted the playlists, it shortened considerably (less than 5).  There were a lot of playlists, and some were large, and many referenced the same song.

Is the database build and refresh process documented anywhere?  Can it be turned off, or made MANUAL?  Or anyone have more specific info on how we could speed it up? Format the SDHC card with different segment sizes?


Message Edited by marblesansaE on 02-02-2009 10:17 AM

The database rebuild time should be mostly a function of how many many files are on the device.  If it were made manual, then you would run the risk of forgetting to do it when you add/remove/change files.  Sure you could do it when you remembered, but I’m not sure that wouldn’t cause file/directory corruption.  Changing the format of the card wouldn’t change anything, there would still be the same number of files, and a different format might not be readable by the device.  It already has enough trouble with properly-formatted cards.