Data recovery sandisk micro sd 4gb.

Hi. I am a specialist in recovery of data. Often bring me faulty USB sticks such as sandisk mico sd. The problem is that I cannot recover from them data without knowing assignment of the service contacts located at the bottom of a chip under a paint coat. Tell who in your company can help me with this question? Thanks in advance. Рисунок.jpg 2400.jpeg

Seems the SD card was physical damaged.Sorry for I couldn’t help you.

You could google some recovery tools which support SD card in the market if you just only deleted data by mistake.

However if you have already written over the sections of SD card. Then there is really nothing you can do to recovery them.


hello you use this service to recover your data or use theys videos as your guide recovering all your data.doing it yourself has risk loosing all data,if you get it wrong…


Look here, what are the reasons for a physically damaged card and how is data recovery possible: data recovery from physically damaged SD cards