Dashboard does not show select drive option

I am trying to get express cache to work. Support had me load SSD Dashboard. Dashboard says it finds my drive, but the information displayed is for my C drive (standard hard drive) not the SSD.  The tech and the manual says there should be a box in the upper right to select the drive to display. The option is not there.

The SSD is displayed in windows disk manager with a basic volume. The format of the drive is the Express Cache Format and not a windows format.

Anyway, I think the SSD is bad and I am trying to find a way to test it.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

you can try the following:

Open a command line window as administrator.


  • diskpart (enter)

  • list disk (enter)

  • select disk (your disk #) (enter)

  • clean (enter)

  • exit (enter)

  • eccmd -partition (enter)

  • eccmd -info (enter)

Please post the result of the last command. Thanks