Darn you life, got me cornered again.

So I sure do post a lot. Helping these random people gives me my good deed for the day. Besides, some of you guys are pretty entertaining and witty. Lets start an interesting debate.

PC vs Console Gaming

I personally preferr console gaming. Theres nothing like not having to worry about wether or not your computer supports the game or what it looks like. Now a’days you can just get gamefly and pay like 20 bux a month to rent games nonstop. And paying to keep them when you want to. PC gaming, your lacking… although you have some decent games… I hate having to get drivers and making sure this is compatible with that.

Anywho… thats my 2 cents.

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But I can download “console” games and play them free on my PC. (although illegally) (I rhymed- yay me!)

Some games, like command & conquer just don’t work right on a console. Sometimes you just HAVE to have a mouse.

Plus let’s see you type a paper for college on your Console.  :slight_smile:

I’m not a console  hater though- I bought the family a Wii for Christmas and like playing it. I have a PS1 in a drawer somewhere.

Plus I just bought a Turbografx-16 with CD-ROM from Ebay a few weeks ago.  :slight_smile:

there are very few games that dont transfer over to the console well, mostly strategy games… like c&c, or starcraft, age of empires as well. Although you can run emulators, a keyboad and mouse playing killer instinct gold is just not the same.

Sure you can buy controllers for the PC, but then you have to worry wether or not the emulator has the buttons programmed correctly.

Lol, im not saying dont own a laptop for personal use and a console for gaming (with your example of a paper) I just prefer getting all my frags, kills, and just pure pwnage out on a console.

I will say that accuracy in FPS is a bit easier w/ mice and keyboard.

PC games for me…  I tried some Xbox, but just don’t do well with the controlers.  World of Warcraft, a mouse and the keyboard (along with my Sansa View!) and I’m set for hours.

PC or console, doesn’t make a difference to me as long as I can play it with one hand and maybe a finger from the other one. Gimped arm FTL. .hack//INFECTION kicked my rear like a naked sorcress walking into Duriel’s den, but I’ll roll your pants up in Katamari Damacy.

I’m definitely more of a PC gamer - if I dump $400 into something, I like to get more than just games out of it.  Besides, I’m really not that big of a gamer, so it doesn’t make much sense for me to invest in a console, whereas I’m almost never away from a computer.

I’m also into retrogaming, though.  My PC does a great job playing NES, SNES, N64, and PSX games.  Sometime soon I’m going to start playing with PS2 and Saturn emulation as well, just for kicks.

I love both really.  The problem is that a game like Neverwinter Nights (current fave) wouldn’t work on a console very well.  I guess I will have to continue buying both!


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