Cycles /through Playlist

My clipzip has started cycling through my playlist–like scanning for a station–less than a second on each song, on to the next, and I cant get it to stop doing this.  I have reformatted the player, the songs are on an SD card. I am stumped.  What can I try next?

And the songs are in a format recognized by the player?

Yes, as far as I know–I have been using it for months and all of a sudden it quit playing and began this cycling thing.

And my computer no longer recognizes the clipzip when I plug it in. 

"And my computer no longer recognizes the clipzip when I plug it in. "

What type of playlists are you using? Sandisk players often have problems with MTP transfered songs on card memory. If you have copies of the songs on the card also on your pc, then perhaps you should try putting the card in a card reader connected to your pc, and see if you can format it(as FAT32). After that, copy the files back to the card.

Is your card faster than class 4? Sandisk players often have issues with cards faster than class 4. 

For maximum compatability, use the Clip Zip in MSC mode, and use Sandisk class 4 cards in the player. Never insert or remove a card while the player is on.

I use the term play lsit loosely, as I have just transferred copied files to the Sandisk sd–yes, it is a 4, and the biggest thing is that now the computer isn’t even recognizing the player.  I haven’t gotten a new cord, but frankly, don’t feel that is the problem. I have reset it, reformatted it, had it go back to factory settings, etc. and it appears dead.  Is it?

Try this. Take the card out, and try connecting it to your pc while holding down the center button on the player. This forces MSC mode. Use a rear usb port if your pc is a desktop. if you have a notebook, plug the computer in to charge before trying to connect the player. 

If the player connects properly with no songs on it, then you likely have an issue with the songs or the card itself. 

are the songs mp3 files? If so, are the tags in ID3V2.3ISO8859-1 format the player expects? Do you have embedded album art? If embedded album art is large, it might make the player chocke. Also having things in the comment field might choke the player.

If it connects properly without a card in it, then try trasferring a small number of songs to the main memory.  Sometimes the firmware in the player becomes corrupted. if you get it to connect, then manually reinstalling the latest firmware would be a good idea. Keep it connected for a while before disconnecting to make sure the battery is at least 50% which is suggested for a firmware update. After the update, you need to reset the USB mode, settings system settings, usb mode. If you never use protected files, it should be set to MSC to give the fewest problems.