Cue next song/list support all models

I want the ability to cue songs globally to play next. (not a go list) without stopping play.  i.e. I want to be listening to a song and cue up as many songs as I want to play in the order I select them.  The ability to then manipulate(move a song up or down the cue) would be nice too.



Rockbox has it.

Is rockbox going to be the reason that Sandisk doesn’t fix their stuff?  If so, will sandisk jump in ALL THE WAY with the rockbox folks, and quit prolonging the inevitable.  The only reason(my opinion) rockbox exists is because of shoddy firmware in the first place.

If this feature set came with the device, who would want to spend the hours, weeks, months, years reverse engineering, and building what already there.  A few, I’m sure.

Went to the rockbox page and I see plenty of bugs there too.  I won’t hesitate to try it once it’s supported on my player.  Until then, I invoke my right and responsibility to let the Sandisk folks know that for an initial r/d investment they can produce a World Beater device off the shelf.  

Get this feature set reliably integrated into the v2 and I would gladly pay a $19.95 fee to help recoup the r/d costs.

Remember nothing is truly free.  The generous folks on the rockbox team are paying their own costs in hour, and headaches, and probably fried gear.  I applaud them.

My 2 cent,