Cruzer Titanium won't insert into any USB port

My Cruzer Titanium 512MB suddenly will not insert into any port. I’ve tried several computers and hubs with no luck. Apparently the little wires or teeth inside that you can see when you look next to the white strip at the point of connection are moved forward somehow, closer to the opening than they should be. Perhaps from removing it the last time it was used? I have used gentle force but it still refuses to insert even a little bit. As you can imagine, I really need to recover what is on it. Does anyone know how I can do it? Can I open it and do anything to solve this issue? Minor surgery? Thank you in advance.

You may be able to open it, with a little effort, and be able to plug the exposed board and plug into a USB socket.  And if that works COPY EVERYTHING OFF THE DRIVE to another location ASAP.

Or your efforts may make the situation worst.  It might be better to take the drive to a professional repair service and see what they suggest. 


Thank you for your advice. I am contemplating which way to go, either follow your suggestion, or send it in for retrieval professionally. San Disk recommended LC Technology to do the retrieval. I’m tempted to try it myself.

I was thinking more along the lines of a local repair. At Staple or Best Buy etc.  Both options have risks, so good luck on whichever one you choose.