Cruzer Titanium 8GB crashes Win7

New problem started early January 2014 - my SanDisk Cruzer Titanium 8MB causes my Win7 laptop to crash each time I insert it.

  • It doesn’t cause any problem in my Windows Vista PC.
  • Other USB memory sticks can be inserted and removed from my laptop without any problems.
  • If I start my laptop with the Cruzer USB memory stick installed, everything works just fine.

What is causing Win7 to crash?  I’m tired of getting the BSOD each time I use my Cruzer.

You are running an app on your Win 7 machine that is conflicting with the Cruzer.  It could be Samsung’s Kies or one of a number of others.  See if this thread helps you:  It refers to several apps known to cause problems. 

You can usually check this at event viewer too. Just hope that it will give you a log which software is conflicting here aside from Samsung Kies.