Cruzer Switch 32GB - unable to record on Bravia 32R400C

I got Bravia with USB recording option that requires 32GB or above to record videos.

When connecting brand new SanDisk Cruzer Switch 32GB to the TV i got the same message.

On PC there is ~29GB visible, but in this thread I found that sb managed to record on a 32GB pendrive:

Any suggestions how I can make it work?

Did you delete the files that were on the drive?  No need to format the drive, just delete the 3 or 4 files and folders on it then try it.

Yes, I have deleted all files, also did new format to FAT32, without success.

Is there possibility that some USB sticks (with the same 32GB label) have less available capacity than others?

no 32GB storage device has 32GB of usable space due to the OS calculation difference. This is the same for all storage products. If you need at least 32GB of available storage space you will need at least a 64Gb drive. 

I understand that the OS (file format) consumes some free space.

My question was: does the free space on brand new flash devices differ?

For example: sandisk cruzer switch 32GB, after formatting to FAT32 has ~29GB free space.

Will another 32GB pendrive (also FAT32) have the same free space, or can it be different (maybe ~30GB)?

yes depending on the technology of the memory used the available space can vary. 

so which sandisk devices have biggest capacity in 32GB category (and how much)?

the difference is small. All newer products are a bit smaller than older ones. It is because the ECC and wear leveling are stronger in newer products. 

So what should I do if I need at least 30GB capacity?

Does it depend on my luck to buy better (bigger) device off the shelf?

According to this site, some models have more than 30GB free space:

But I wonder if that capacity is repeatable, not random…

if you need at least 30GB of available storage space you would need to get at least a 64GB drive.