Cruzer Pop 32GB unmounts itself after a few seconds

I have used my flash drive just a couple of times. Today I plugged it into a MacBook Pro and a window popped up saying the computer didn’t read the disk, and giving me the options to initialize, ignore or eject it. I tried to format the device with the disk utility, but just after a few seconds the flash drive disappears from the menu like if I had suddenly unplugged it. Then I tried the same from the terminal with equal results, I couldn’t even find it in the diskutil list. Finally I went to an Acer with Windows XP just to get the same behavior, plug in and automatically unmount after a few seconds. Does anybody have the same problem and/or know haw to fix it? 

:smiley: Hello!

Sorry, out of service, died.

Return it. It is defective.

Regards, Alfred.  (Google translated).