Cruzer Glide USB

I have managed to delete and then formatted my usb. How do I get it back to Factory settings?

You just did.

I did that as well but now my drive is not recognized by my ps3.  I think I need the sowtware that came on the drive.  Where can I get those?  I formatted it to the NTSF because the video I put on it  wouldn’t go on the FAT 32.  Is there another waay to do this?

Check the specs for the PS3.  I doubt it supports NTFS formatted drives but it may support something other than FAT32.

If you have large files to put on the flash drive, files larger than 4GB, you have to use a format other than FAT32.

So you have a choice, do you want a flash drive that works in a PS3 or a flash drive that holds files larger than 4GB.