Cruzer Glide keeps losing formatting

Got an 8Gib-2.0(high speed??) Cruser Glide that constanly loses the formatting. I format it(FAT32) and when I try to “write” to or transfer, almost immediately, it loses it formatting. What must be done to correct/repair this problem? Just what is it that causes this problem?

Given that you can buy a 16GB one for 5 bucks now, I’d dump it & get a new one.


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RE: Tapeworm

   Yes, flashdrives are realitively inexpensive…but a 16Gb Sandisk does cost more than $5…even on EBay. Yup, could get a “china special” for about $5,I guess.

16 GB SanDisk drive: $3.99

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  Appreciate your replying. My question involved the “failure” of and why this particular drive keeps losing it’s formatting. I’m aware pendrives are realitivly inexpensive. My question is wanting to know what is causing this problem. I’m not interested in obtaining another pendrive to replace the troubled one. Just thoughts/opinions on what causes a pendrive to lose it’s formatting.

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“Causes of the problem”. Ok Rick.

My suggestions for the cause are:  a bad USB contact on the pc, a bad USB contact on the USB drive, a loose wire due to moving the USB connector in and out on the USB drive, a short in the power connector to the USB port, excessive heat around the pc, excessive cold around the pc, smoke on the USB connects, the MBR on the USB drive being damaged by not using the Windows Safely Remove the Drive option when removing the USB drive and the USB port configured for Performance in Windows.