Cruzer Glide 32GB Flash will not work on XPsp2?

telling me I have to format then will not format. 

Return it.  It’s broken.

it works on my husband’s Vista (laptop)—unfortunately there is nothing on his computer that I need to put on the thumb drive. I am trying to save 3GBs of photos.

"it works on my husband’s Vista (laptop)"


Any particular reason why you haven’t upgraded to the free XP SP3 update?

actually I am sorry I do have sp3. I mistyped it.

Very strange.

I do have a machine, older vintage, that periodically, ie once every other year or so, looses connection on a USB port in the back.  I’ve found that LIGHTLY using a piece of emory paper on the port’s contacts resolves the problem.  Apparently somehow the contacts oxidize on that port.  The other ports have not had the problem.  Maybe this will help you, maybe it won’t.

Good luck.