Cruzer Glide 3.0 256GB [Costco] PW prompt, no set up or reset

Any ideas?

I plugged this into my laptop and it automatically tried to get some updates. When nearly completed it said that it had to restart, but then errored because the application was already running.

When I try to open the app, it doesn’t go through the set up process. It just asks for a PW.

There is no “forgot pw” option.

I can’t find a reset option or reconfigure option.

I tried reloading the software on the disk and that led to the same results. 

Is this a known bug? Should I return it to Costco and try again from another store like Best Buy or am I missing some obvious thing here?

Yes, I did try restarting computer but that didn’t work.

Thanks for any ideas.

Quickest solution is to return it and get a new one.  A different vendor might give different results.