Cruzer Glide 16GB Update Now Not Able to Access SanDiskSecureAccessV2_win_exe


When getting into my Cruzer Glide 16GB, a windown opened that requested an update. After the upate was complete, the SanDiskSecureAccessV2_win_exe is missing from my drive and I cannot open any files. The USB is still showing there are files on the drive but I just cannot access the vault with my password to open. Is there a way to undo the update without losing the files or is there way to get the files off and onto my laptop? Any help would be much apprecaited.




I do hope you have backups of your files.

You didn’t mention whether you run Windows or a Mac system and since I know nothing of a Mac system my advice will be Windows orientated.

SAFELY Remove the USB drive.  That is a link on Windows systems on the lower right hand corner of the Task Bar.

Then reinsert the USB drive and from a Command Prompt window run a CHKDSK /F command on the drive.

If that doesn’t resolve the missing exe file I don’t know what to tell you.

Good luck Amber. 



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