Cruzer Fit, Sandisk Ultra Fit 3.1 USB Flash Drive

I think Sandisk is missing a profitable opportunity for the “Ultra Fit” being produduced in an “Apple Lightning” configuration. I ride a Harley Davidson and have an Apple XR10 phone that is mounted to the handlebars. I want to listen to my music that I have purchased over the years, but my phone storage capabilities will not allow me to carry it. If the “Cruzer Fit” was produced with an “extended length” Lightning plug, it could be attached directly to the phone, and not be heavy enough to fall out while riding. This would allow for me to listen to my personel music. All of the other storage drives are to heavy to handle the vibrations of a motorcycle without falling out. I believe that this small, lightweight, drive would work perfectly. Any thoughts from others?

How about one of SanDisk’s wireless flash drives? You could put all of your music on it & carry it in your pocket.