Cruzer Blade USB Flash Drive 8 GB only useable on one computer

Could someone please tell me if this rather surprising assumption is correct?

Once you copy files from a computer (running WinXP), you can no longer copy files from a second computer.

Otherwise you get the following error message.

_ “You are currently on a visiting PC so you cannot create a new online backup.” _

I would say only if the second computer has restricted access or software to prevent the transfer or opening of the file(s) from the flash drive to protect it, like those in a public library or other areas where computers are available to the general public.

Actually my problem is just the oppposite, if I understood your post.

I can access and copy from my flash drive Vault to the second computer I just can’t copy from from said computer to the Vault.

Essentially, it appears you can only backup one computer – then you’re done. Bummer.

Not sure why this limitation exists.