Cruzer Blade on my Mac

Hi there

I had some photos saved to my work computer (Windows) and I used a new cruzer blade to transfer them as I need them on my mac but my mac doesn’t have the right software and I can’t find the right download.  My mac runs osx.



Any mac-compatible photo viewing or editing software should work (like PhotoShop, Photoscape, Gimp, etc.). I assume the file format of the photos is .jpg. Anything that works on a mac that can read this format should do the trick. Frankly, I would be surprised if your mac doesn’t already have a program on it that can open and display these files.


it uses the generic mass storage drivers that are native to the supported operating systems. 

the drive is compatible with the following operating systems no driver needed. 

Win XP

Win Vista

Win 7

MAC OS 10+