Cruzer Blade Issues

Just received 2 Cruzer Blades 8GB and 16GB. Both reported as having WS.Trojan.H by Norton Anti Virus 2012. Norton removed the Trojan, but both drives were unreachable and reported zero space. Ejecting the drives and re-inserting allowed the drives to be accessed. Then re-formatted to be sure. It took a few minutes for the AV software to remove the Trojan, and unplugging the drive during this left the drive unusable. These were brand new drives, from Amazon so I am surprised at the virus. 

are you sure these were brand new drives and not repackaged? i highly doubt they could come virus infected from the manufacturer. these things are produced in the millions and you surely would not be the only one with the issue. 

@the_callant wrote:

Just received 2 Cruzer Blades 8GB and 16GB. Both reported as having WS.Trojan.H by Norton Anti Virus 2012. . . . These were brand new drives, from Amazon so I am surprised at the virus. 

This is quite unusual and strange indeed.    It’s possible that Norton might have made an error and reported a false positive for a Trojan.  Personally, I would return the Cruzers and get a refund.

Was the seller Amazon, as a direct merchant, or was it a third-party seller?

If you want buy from a third-party seller or another online retailer, I recommend that you check out the list of Sandisk Authorized Resellers.  You can view them at the link below.

Removing writable USB drives without using Windows’  Safely Remove Hardware option has a 50/50 chance of screwing up the drive’s FAT and registering the drive as 0 MB and possibly unusable.

These were bought from Amazon via their Channel Isles operation. Sealed packkages with a Sandisk seal. My reason for posting was 1) to see if anyone else had seen the same and 2) I saw a number of postings about bricking and non responsive drives. What I saw was that as Norton removed the virus, which took several minutes to complete, explorer became unresponsive. If the removal process is interrupted, the drive indicates zero capacity. I wondered if this had been a possibility in some cases.

I had the same problem. This Cruzer (16GB) I had is brand new- and I’ve only been using it on this one computer, to make a back-up of my writing files. Well, I just plugged it in about 15 minutes ago to update the files; lo behold, Norton pops up to tell me that it was squashing a WS.Trojan.H named “runsandisk…” something. Doesn’t bode well for my initial satisfaction with this USB.

Doesn’t mode well for the antivirus app you have on your one computer either.  Are you sure you, or someone else, hasn’t tried the Cruzer in another machine?

All A/V software reports false positives occasionally.

All A/V software reports false positives occasionally.

I just purchased a San Disk Cruzer Glide tonight from Best Buy.  Stuck it in my laptop.  Got the same message.  And I have Nortons 360.  Never had a problem befor this.

Hopefully you reported the problem to Symantecs.  Norton is notorious for reporting false positiives.

Thought it was just me until I read this thread.  Just purchased two crusers via Amazon.  Can’t remember exactly what happened but purple coloured drive induced the trojan found warning described above. I’m using Norton Sec Suite 2012 and this is the first time it has thrown up such a warning.  Not happy with drive initially.  Felt too tight in usb socket then trojan warning came up so needless to say very concerned with product.  mine are made in china if it’s relevant.

a. Norton is notorious for false positives.

b. i would return it to where you bought it and complain.

Hey guys i found a solution.

click on the arrow on lower right for icon tray with norton, and other program icons. Hover over the Sandish secure access manager or something like that and exit/close it. Reattach usb and it works.

Just received a replacement Ultra USB direct from the factory in fully sealed packaging and when inserted into my PC I got a Norton N360 error message WS.Trojan.H file in runsandisksecureaccess-win.exe.

Have contacted Sandisk as I think there is a conflict between the Sandisk drive or it’s software and Norton 360 version 2013.

Once N360 is disabled, the USB reinserted, then N360 re started the USB works fine for several days and then I get error messages to say the drive cant be read.

This is a false positive.  Notify the vendor of Norton to update their system.  In the interim modify your Norton settings to accept the SecureAccess app.

@ed_p wrote:

This is a false positive. 

An one that has been present in Norton for some time now. I’m surprised it hasn’t been reported or fixed in an update yet.

I have had loads of problems with my Sandisk Ultra 16gb USB and the SecureAccess software. A replacement USB drive direct from SanDisk was still giving Virus warnings and refusing to work properly.   I thought Windows 8.1 might contain a fix but no luck. I then discovered that SecureAccess had been totally revised and version 2 is available for download. All my problems have gone, everything works fine and Secure Access v2 is so much better than the previous trash.  

Why didn’t someone at Sandisk take a USB home with them months ago and try to use it. They would then see what rubbish software they were including on their drives.

How many hundreds of customers have stopped buying Sandisk as a result