Cruzer Blade for Yamaha MM6 Synth

I bought a 8GB Sandisk Cruzer Blade USB to be use on my Yamaha MM6 Synthesizer Keyboard. I will generally use it to save files,settings etc of my synth. But when i attached it on my synth USB it connects but cannot be formatted.I think there are restriction access on the USB for My yamaha synth to format it and save its data.I hope u can advice me how i can make my cruzer blade to be formatted on my synth.I hook it up on my computer and these are the folders and datas that i saw: application 2. sandisk secure access 3. user files 4.autorun.inf club sandisk. exe 6. run sandisk secure access_win.exe. Is there a way to disable something on the cruzer blade so yamaha will easily format it? any advice will be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance…best regards

There should be a toggle lock switch. Try to check that. Good luck.