CRUZER BLADE 64g not letting to read/write my files

hei guys i cant acess any of my files at my usb drive it has got 2 patrions 32g each…i tried formating it,but it says it failed to format .i also tried mac and ubuntu without any acess my can i get my files back??both partions are formated to exFAT.

btw my computer detects drive,but cant acess drive.

not sure how much i writen to drive,but i probaly writed total like 450g data.not sure about correct ammount data

how did the drive get into 2 partitions? 

If you need the data you can try data recovery software but if the computer cannot access it the recovery software probably would not work.

you may be able to recover the drive itself by using the diskpart -clean command from the command prompt and then create a new partition and format the drive.