Cruzer 64GB - Need tech info

Ok, I tried with my local Sandisk web support, but in the end they just told me to ask the local resellers, so here I am asking here, hoping to have a more workable answer.

Situation: I plan to use a Cruzer 64GB with a Raspberry Pi, which is a small HW that runs linux debian. The issue is the USB ports cannot give enough power for some peripherics, since theyhave polifuses that cut power long before it reaches the full USB2 specs values (but they can actually transfer data fast enough, it’s just that the devs cut corners on the power budget). Right now I’m using a USB HDD, with its power supply, but I want to use just one cruzer 64GB, which should be enough for my needs.

Question: how much power does the cruzer 64GB drawns while writing, and how much on reading? I’d like the exact values on mA, since a generic 500mA as USB specs is not what I need.

In case you need it, the HW is running Debian Weezy, kernel 3.1.9+ #272 PREEMPT armv6l, and is able to use 1TB HDDs formatted with ext4, so I suppose it can use the cruzer 64GB too, if it doesn’t draw too much power.

Please let me know, thanks.