Cruzer 4GB Saved in Win7 / unable to view in XP

I am unable to view the pic files in XP which were saved on my cruzer in Win7.  What is the work around?  When I click on the file name it doesn’t respond.   Thanks. 

Do the saved pictures have an extention?  .jpg. .png. ,bmp? If not, XP won’t know what app to open for them. You will need to rename the pictures to include their format’s extention.


Can I rename the pics with the extension from  win XP?  or will I need to get back into the Win 7?  Thanks.

You can rename them in whatever OS you want.  Do make sure that your Windows Explorer is configured to display file extentions.

Right click on that certain file, then click properties. Look for the the type of file. Examples are .jpeg, .png, etc… Im sure its not one of those since the default image viewer on windows will be able to view those images. Once you get the type of picture file, google what software can open it. make this as a back up option if the suggested above doesnt work…