Cruiser blade not working with Music system

Hello I have 16 GB Sandisk Cruiser blade. I use this for running music in my car. It seems roots files are deleted, due to which whenevr I play any song in it e.g. Song#16 , and restart the music system it doent have memory of old song and starts fresh with Song#1. I tried with different usb and with that music system is working fine. Seems some file which have indexes of songs being added is deleted( I belive there is some root file, which stores the details of the songs added).  Other than this usb is working perfectly fine. Clueless how to fix it :frowning:

I assume you have a back up of those songs, correct? Try formatting this to FAT32. 

YEs I have back up of music. I tried formatting  using command prompt (FAT 32 option )and then copied the music again. No difference. If I use other pen drive it works perfectly fine, remembers the last song. Strange issue :frowning: