Credit Card


Just purchased a Sandisk Sansa Clip + 4g player, and lo and behold, I have to have a credit card to use the **bleep** thing? I have enough music already, thanks, and I won’t be purchasing any music from crapsody. Can I load this player and play the music I already have without handing out my credit card number for no reason? As an aside, what about people purchasing this player who are kids, or anyone without any type of credit or debit card who wants to purchase and use an mp3 player? Are they screwed? 


You don’t have to have a credit card, nor do you have to use Rhapsody. You can sync using Windows Media Player or similar software, or you can simply drag-and-drop files in any supported format.

Rhapsody is an option with a free month’s trial, nothing more.  Feel free to ignore it and just use your player as a separate drive (under MSC USB mode, set under System settings).