Creating playlist while playing [?]

“Creating playlist while playing” - is that even possible to do that?

i mean - can i play the go-list while browsing through my files and add new songs to the playing go-list (without having to skip to the song added last)?

(btw: i have an e280v2)

The short answer?


That feature may come to pass in the future via a firmware update on the Fuze player; quite a few people have requested it. But the e200 series is discontinued and no further updates will be released.



i assume that rockbox would support this feature - correct?

maybe i should check out the rockbox test build for the v2-players (i never used rockbox before).

You can make the “GO” playlist while playing.

And yes Rockbox supports it. :wink:

yeah - but i cant play the go list and add a new song to it without having to skip to the song that i added last.

anyhow - thanks for your answers.