Creating Folders?

hi, I created tv show folders  in the Videos folder on the media drive but when i use my ipad and open the media drive the tv shows Is there a way to do this? The only way so far that I found is to put my tv show folders in the files section on the root of the media drive.

thands for your help.

the media drive app only has 4 main menu items. Videos, Pictures, Music, and files. Any additional folders you create can only be accessed by selecting Files from the main menu then browsing to the folder you created. 

Thanks. I did that and it worked out fine for 1 day. Today when I connected the drive to my computer to add more shows, the folders were still there but all of them were empty. very strange. I don’t understand this.

in the media drive app setting select format media drive. This will erase all data so make sure you back up first. Once that is done reload your files and recreate the folder and see if it happens again. Could have been a one time thing.