Creating a Playlist with m3uMaker

Hi all.

I am using the m3umaker.jar program which was recommended to me by someone on another thread, because my clip doesn’t like Windows Media Player apparently.

Anyway, I have the clip in MSC mode as I was instructed, and put the m3u program into the MUSIC folder.

My problem is that the program does not assign a file extension .m3u to the playlist when I save it.  As a result, no play list shows up in the menu.  I tried to fix it by assigning the file extension at the time I saved it.  That resulted in the NAME of the playlist showing up, but it shows up as (empty).

I was wondering, since I can’t find any kind of instructions or how-to guide for this program, if someone familiar with it could tell me what I am doing wrong, or why the playlists won’t save right.

Thank you in advance.