Crash during scan of SD card

This is getting annoying. I was running the same set of music, from the same card, on my clip+. I move it to my clip zip, pop the card in, and it scans, gets half way, then black screen of death. No buttons work, I have to pop the card out and do a 20 second reset. What the heck? player: clip zip black 4g card: sandisk microsd 16 gig, mbr partition table with single fat32 partition Music manager: clementine system: linux x86, debian based At first I thought it was because my music has asian characters in it, so I used Clementine to normalize them to ascii-only. Still no dice. As of now I have not been able to use my card in this at all.

Make sure you have the latest firmware–SanDisk has improved this issue over time.  The Clip Zip seems to be more “sensitive” than The Clip+.  You might also try reformatting the card using the SD Association’s Formatter Utility. 

The parsing process can hang if the ID3 tag information gives the player indigestion.  Check your microSD card’s tracks using a tag utility, setting them to ID3 v2.3 ISO8859-1 (Latin-I) format.

With corrected tags, the player should be happy building the music database.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: