Crap UK "Support" - warranty worthless - Poor quality product Issue

Sandisk Clip Sport Plus - purchased in March 2018.

Earphones suddenly faulty. Only delivering sound in mono, so I approached Sandisk support for a replacement as the item was still under warranty.

After a LOT of frigging about with questionnaires and requests for information they eventually agreed to replace it. Then I get a request to return the whole unit i.e. Clip Sport Plus + the earphones. Didn’t want to do this as I spent hours putting music on the Clip Sport unit.

Chatted to a representative who admitted “something has gone wrong” and suggested it would be easier if I just “buy another pair of earphones” as it would take 8 weeks to get a replacement earphone set from the USA! WTF: Do Sandisk use pigeon-post. I can get something delivered to the UK by Amazon US in a matter of days.

Anyway it’s not the frigging point. Any QUALITY product should last longer then a few months light use! 

Very disappointed with Sandisk, the UK “Support” and Sandisk poor quality products. Won’t buy from them again and I suggest others don’t either.