Cracked Screen

I was using my tablet while listening to my Clipzip and my tablet slipped and and next thing I know I look at my CLIPZIP and I see the screen is cracked and only a small part of the screen works. 

Have owned this for over 2 years now (it is the special addition model) and I guess the player is now done unless someone can tell me otherwise as the screen would have to be replaced. 

So two questions. Is there anything I can do to fix it and secondly are there screen protectors for this player so if something hits the screen it doesn’t crack. 

Given cost/labor factors, no real repair facilities exist–most people simply would replace the player with a new one, at this point.

Having said that, if you’re a tech. handy sort, you could purchase a used Clip Zip that is being sold for cheap, probably for parts, and then transplant the replacement screen onto your old player.  Me, not being that technologically adept, I would just purchase a new player.   :wink:

And while screen protectors will prevent scratches, they won’t help if sometihing heavy like a tablet is dropped on it. :wink:

Simply FYI, Clip Zip screen protectors found via eBay.