cracked face cover

it still works but its totally cracked. where can i find a replacement!! please help

The best you can do is pick up a DOA unit cheap on E-Bay and swap them out. Replacement parts aren’t sold.

Well, let me take that back . . . there IS a place in Germany that sells them, but it’s very cost-prohibitve. You’d probably spend more than you did for the entire unit. The link is posted somewhere here on the board. I don’t have it handy, but you should be able to search it out if you’re interested.

But most people go the E-Bay route. :wink:

Yeah, definitely you want to go the eBay route.  Hopefully, you’ll get one that has the same front plate as yours.  You should get one of those clear hard plastic protective cases while you’re at it.  

did you point it at an ugly person for it to crack?..