Cover Flow on 4GB Fuze?

Is there a RoxBox plug in that lets you do cover flow like an iPod?


It’s in plugins/demos and is called picture flow (iirc)

Like most functions in the Apple realm, Cover Flow is pure bells and whistles.  It is a resource hog.  On the other side of the coin, I associate the album art with the name readily, so a thumbnail gallery (just like the way photos are displayed en masse) would be most welcome.

Cover Flow is cute, but not altogether practical.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Yeah, I’ve had an iPod touch since Christmas - probably the perfect platform for coverflow - and I basically never use it. Its kind of useful for finding the albums with missing cover art (a bigger problem with iPods than with the Fuze).

Thanks for the Info.

I’ve had an iPhone since just after Thanksgiving but don’t use it as an MP3 Player, Manly because I bonce back and forth on a couple of computers so I wanted something small, with drag and drop music, and the expandable memory was nice. But I like the Cover Flow and I use that Spartan Black theme that looks like an iPod… SpartanBlack

That theme is nice.  Did pictureflow work OK?