Couple of things for future fuze firmware updates

i have an 8 GB sansa Fuze… Version is 2.0.26 or something like that… Latest to date, im sure.I was really hoping for some more features including: 

  1. Lyrics support while playin music(Embedded or a text file in the same folder… doesent matter though preferably both:))  

  2. The sleep timer should be able to remember the last time setting(right now, i have to reset it each time i turn it on… ) 

  3. Wallpapers… Would it be possible to use pictures or album art as wallpapers 

  4. Also fix this glitch- if you’re watching a video and the fuze turns off(you switch it off, sleep timer, etc), while watching, when you switch it on, its stuck on that video… the display is similar to the music screen, nd the only way to fix it is by resetting 4-5 times… 

 also if any1 has any idea as to when a new firmware would be available, please let me know :slight_smile:

Message Edited by robeat101 on 09-07-2009 03:25 AM

  1. Doubtful that this will ever happen.

  2. Useful feature. Might happen.

  3. Many others have also requested this. Would be nice.

  4. Known issue. Will probably be fixed in next update.

We used to have a pretty good ‘in’ with some SanDisk folks and got thrown a few ‘tidbits’ about when a new version was being released and what was going to be in it. However, due to mass-hysteria and post-flooding in anticipation of the last Fuze update, I doubt we’ll ever get that kind of insight again.