Couple of questions before i buy....?

My old clip bit the dust and i was wondering if the zip is compatible with my computer usb ports on my old compaq the same as my clip + was…since it has a micro usb cable…

is the radio good too?

I want it for everyday use and listening in bed at night before I snooze.


Yes, and . . .


and a big ye here too…thanks:stuck_out_tongue:

One thing to note: as the Clip Zip uses a micro USB connection (and comes with a USB-microUSB cable), you won’t be able to automatically use with the player USB cables that you might have around that are USB-miniUSB, pretty much the standard until recently. But nicely, there are mini=>micro converters around for just a few dollars, if you might want.

…and you’ll find that the radio is superior on the new Clip Zip!  I rarely use the FM on the Clip+, as it doesn’t perform nearly as well as on the e280 , the Fuze+ , or the Zip.

The Fuze+ and Clip Zip both have RDS as well, very nice.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: