Could My Device Be Either A Fraud Or A Fake?

Hello Everyone,

I’m just wondering if I should be concerned. You see I just purchased a brand new Clip+ (sealed in the box) directly from Amazon). And although the item/device in the picture on  the box (and on both the Instruction Guids and Owner’s Manual) shows an image of a Clip+ which clearly says the word Sansa right on the front of it, mine does NOT have that word embossed on the front of it.

Instead, mine has the word(s) SanDisk embossed on it, in the place where it seems like the word, Sansa ought have been placed, instead.

So, does anyone happen to know if I should be concered about this. I know it might seem like something quite insignificant. But I just want to positively elminiate the possibility or likelihood that my device might be a fraud or a fake, etc.

Any information would be much appreciated. . .


You should be fine; apparently, SanDisk has done it both ways.

I believe that any Clip+ manufactured after the release of the Clip Zip has SanDisk on the front.

That’s how it is on the Clip Zip so they probably just wanted to make them the same in that respect.

I recently purchased a 4GB Clip+ on Amazon that has SanDisk on the front, it works great.

Thank you for those responses. I appreciate that very much :smiley:

Color43, I think you might have a point there. I DID notice that they do indeed put the SanDisk name on the ClipZip. I didn’t even think that this could have something to do with it. But now that you mention it, it makes perfect sense.

Well, now I feel badly. . .for sending the device back to Amazon (with their blessings, of course), for a replacement. . .But now I know that, should the replacement say the same thing on it (which it probably will), I will just go ahead and accept it as perfectly authentic and legitimate.

It’s all good. . .I just loaded my Apple Touch with music this morning, so at least I’ve got something to listen to while waiting for my replacement Clip+ to arrive :smiley:

Thanks again for your responses. . .