Could Folder Navigation eliminate the current database song limit? (Sansafix?)

Sansafix- This one is directed to you.  Correct me if I’m wrong:

The purpose of the database on the Fuze is twofold:

1.  It provides a way to merge the content of both the external and internal memory into a seamless list

2.  It provides a method of providing the Fuze with play order, etc.

As this database grows, it takes up an increasing amount of internal system memory of which there is a finite amount.

Now if the Fuze were to have a folder navigation mode, then effectively the database would be null.

Both the internal and external drives would be treated separately.  Users would manually navigate to a folder on the selected drive and begin playback.  Playback would be limited to any tracks or sub-folders within the selected folder.  Play order would either be random (ie choose random track/folder and play) or track order (play first subfolder, then play in order as dictated by the file name.)

With such a system in place, then effectively the need for a database is moot.  Thus with an effective folder navigation system, conceivably we would not need to worry about database size, and hopefully, if we put it into “folder-mode” we could also eliminate the updating system database message as well.

Looking at folder navigation, an option that isn’t common these days, it does give users a handy option, and it helps support many users not tied down to the Windows operating system.

I like the option of being able to use it with works in progress, FLAC files, and recordings transferred from the LP collection.  It just might be the hot ticket as a workaround for database issues too, so it just makes sense, if you really look at it.

Granted, generating proper ID3 tags for your music isn’t too hard, once you get used to editing the tags.  ID3 tags allow the device to do the sorting operation automatically.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: