![]( bleep files.png)

OK, so my buddy went to an internet cafe andwhen she tried to upload her photos from her camera to facebook and what not, INSTEAD of the photos being uploaded this malarchy appeared in the DCIM/101MSDCF fold ie recent photos file folder. It is a Transcend SCHD 4 GB MMBG F G4GWACA not sure if that bit is relevant. Regardless, in the image shown above are the apparent missing 100 odd photos and in their place are these strangly named folders. What is more perplexing here is the size of these new files far exceeds the capacity of her sandisk by 3GB. Any takers?

Here is the stuff I tried to do.

made a new directory in the command prompt and move files from the scandisk to a new directory on my HD. didn’t work.

used my friend’s mac book to attempt to view the files. did not work.

went into the properties folder to show hidden files which in turn made the entire folder disappear. so…that didn’t work either.

Currrent;ly figuring out how to use win hex to see if these files can be recovered, as we can view them on her camera but not on the computer.

She can take new photos we tried despite the capacity being at seemingly 7GB out of 4GB. I think its a virus and she just lost every thing. because all I have read on the internet so far this seems to be an isolated case, never have i seen files added to the folder that exceeeded the capacity for the drive.

Please tell me that I am wrong and her pictures can be saved.