Somehow my ZipClip became corrupted and I need to buy a new one. However just wondering if anyone would know how these things get corrupted. Would a laptop crashing while transferring files do this? Or would a possibly corrupted download transferred into it do this? Or would something else?

What exactly do you mean by “corrupted”? 

Ditto as to the above. Plus: Did you try a hard reset? Hold the power button down for 30 seconds, and then try starting up. Did you try to manually re-apply the lasted firmware? See the firmware thread on this board. Did you try re-formatting the Clip? Note: this will erase the user content on your player–try to move it to your computer first.

Corrupted as in it no longer works… I did try re-formatting both the player and the memory card. What I get is when I connect it to any pc (includes my work one) it will automatically shut itself off. I also get the message USB device is not recognized… blah blah blah. So, not sure if it fried because of my laptop crashing or I transferred a corrupted file onto it.