Corrupted pictures on my Extreme PRO 32GB 160MB/s CF card...

I bought the above May 20 2014 from DC Fever’s friendly sales staff, Joy Yip, and had it replaced due to above problems Jul 18 2014. I experience this problem again today. Upon editing the pictures of my recent US trip, I realised that most of the pictures taken during the early part of the trip were good (both raw and jpg). It was towards the tail end of the trip where most of the pictures were corrupted or in-readable.

This is the second time and I am beginning to have doubts of this brand and their quality.

As an infrequent user, I also have doubts that I my have inadvertently misused it (but the card was in the camera all the time and I checked each shot with a playback - they all looked good then!).

Please help as it is frustrating to lose some of the great memories of my trips…again!