Corrupt NEF


Simply, I was in a jam, and used a Micro SDXC in an SD adapter used in my Nikon 750.

Most of the files (NEF/RAW) came out Ok, however, ther are many that will not display an image even though the data file indicates a lot of megs (20-30 megs per file).

Somehow the D750 wrote the data and corrupted eitrher the header or otherwise. I’ve tried many software programs, including Photo Machanic to try and extract thje JPG image from the NEF/RAW but to no avil.

Is there any way, any possible way, to retreive at the very least the JPG’s from the NEF/RAW or somehow, by an amazing chance FIX the damaged NEF/RAW files?



Sandisk in general suggest using rescue pro as a recovery software, but in that case where the files are corrupted, so they were not stored properly inside the storage medium, i think its a bit unlikely that these files can be recovered. 

here you can find the download link for the rescue pro software