Corrupt/Missing OS files

Every now and then, I would get a Corrupt/Missing OS file. Scandisk doesn’t show an issue with the SSD and I have changed to a few different SSDs.

I do have bad power here and it can shut off at anytime. If the drive is doing a wear-level block move and a power cycle occurred, could this cause corruption?

Hi Antonic, 

In any case where the drive is writing and unexpected power lose happen, the file associated could be corrupted. 

What about enabling write filters like EWF to the OS drive/partion to make it read only, could this protect the OS files/drive?

Do the drive normally do a wear-level block move for no particular reason, even if EWF is enabled?

I’d like to know if Wear Levelling controller would move files (like OS files) around to a lower read/write count block periodically? Or there is no such thing as a Wear Levelling “Move”? it does not move files around like defragging?

And if I enabled EWF to the files/folders, would the wear-levelling controller leave those blocks alone?

Wear Leveling is less to happen on system files, because system files are normally more read intensive than write, so it will not cause the block/drive life to wear faster than other block.