corrupt files

My daughter’s Clip keeps having an issue with what appears to be corrupted files. The used space shows that she has like 90% of the memory full, but the systen info only shows 69 songs. We’re running Linux and I was thinking that the corrupt files might be caused by her not unmounting the player before removing the USB after charging? Any ideas?

Message Edited by StSchizophrenia on 02-02-2008 10:30 AM

Not umount’ing can definitely cause problems, although you could probably get away with a sync.  It depends on your timing.  If data is still in cache or in the middle of writing, bad things are going to happen. If you have not written to the device (as implied by your statement  about only charging) then the data on the clip should not become corrupted, however, the HAL subsystem (and fstab-sync) may get out of sorts on the host if you don’t properly umount.

As for lost space, I would reformat the thing and then make sure I used it properly going forward: unmount before removing.  If it happens again, something else is going on.

I see comments on here claiming you don’t need to click the remove device in windows, too.  Makes me cringe everytime I see it.  A bad habit to get into.


I went ahead and gutted it and started over (format and reload) and so far we’re doing okay. I told her to make sure that she unmounts before disconnecting, just in case. Thanks for the input.