Now I got it!
this looks probably better, does it?

Hi all
I have been reading through this pages a while and did not really catch the
problems with all this wiring and cables!

I am using a Sansa-Fuze with natural supplied cable on my Stereo equipment if
I want to listen to the files a bit louder than usual.
If I want to charge the Unit, I am eather using the computer USB-interface or
a plugin wall charger with an USB interface.
All that You need is a Stereo-set with an USB-Interface.
The units are well communicating via the USB controlled interfaces.
For that you can easily use the originally supplied cable that comes with the player.
Annother interesting hint:
If one of you has ever the chance, to get close to some BOSE QC3
Noise cancelling Headphones you should not miss to listen to a breeze of Sound
from the little Fuze!!!
After that experience you never again would have the wish to buy one of those
rotten Apples!!!

best wishes to all and happy soldering