correct software for expresscache 16 gb

I recently purchased this system from amazon: hp envy 27-k150xt

It has a 1 tb hdd and a 16 gb expresscache card. the expresscache service was running but I couldn’t see any way to tell how the ssd was configured or if it was working properly. Also, the file version was which seems old. Can I get a more recent version of the software to install? There doesn’t seem to be a driver I can download from HP’s site either. I downloaded the ssd tool and I’ve attached a pic of the ssd info. It’s a SanDisk SDSA5DK-016G-1006. I can’t find info about this card anywhere, not even on HP’s site. Thanks for reading.

sandisk info

the OEM version of the ExpressCache software does not ahve a GUI interface and only runs in the background. It is also only available from the host manufacturer. So you will need to contact HP for any downlaods.