Correct R211 for Early 2008 17" MacBookPro with Intel Chipset

I’m assuming that the R211m will not work with my MBP (see subject title) since I have the MacBook Pro 4,1 with the ICH8-M AHCI chipset, not the nVidia chipset.

I have updated my 480GB Extreme with the R211, and I am using the TRIM mod posted by Grant Purnell

Given the update and the use of the TRIM patch, will the two be at odds with each other or am I good to go with the R211 F/W update and the TRIM patch.


The patch for mac nvidia people is only for them. Use the standard R211 and trim enabler and you should be good.

Great minds think alike. :smileyvery-happy:

I have been running all day with no ill effects.

Since the Extreme is being used to extend this 17" MBP another year or two, I’ll be able to use it in another system after the current MBP goes to Apple heaven.