Copying playlists from iTunes to Fuze+.

I ordered a Fuze+, it should arrive in a few days.  I also ordered a 64GB microSD card and will format it as a FAT32 so that the Fuze+ can read it.

I’m nervous about the touch pad, having read a lot of complaints about it.  I almost went with the Clip+ instead, because people didn’t have problems with the Clip+'s controls. 

But I changed my mind and decided to try the Fuze+ anyways.  Hopefully it will be ok.

I also plan to install Rock Box, I’ve never used it before.  I’ve also read some people say that the controls are better after installing Rock Box, or the latest Sansa firmware.

Anyways, onto my questions.

My previous portable media player was an iPod Video.  (I might still get that repaired).

1.  Is there a way to transfer my playlists from iTunes to the Fuze+?  I’m not just referring to the files themselves.  But the actual names of the playlists, and what they contained.

For example, if I had Playlist XYZ which contained 4 songs on my iPod / iTunes, how can I get the Fuze+ to also recognize / import playlist XYZ, and what it contained?

For copying just the files, this seems like the best way:

2.  Can I dual boot the Fuze+ with both the Sansa firmware, and Rock Box?  How do I set that up?  How do I pick which one I want to boot the Fuze+ up with?

1# iTunes to Fuze playlist would be doubtful. This is because iTunes is using a different format/protocol than Fuze. It’s like iTunes is speking English and Fuze talks French without a translator. 

I found an app called iTunes Export which does a good job.